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Champion AC installs and maintains UltraViolet light systems and various Air Filter systems. Our Guardian Air Systems kill 99% of bacteria, Mold and Viruses in your home. These Guardian Air Purifiers are approved by the EPA and are used in hospitals, US Government facilities and they are becoming more popular in residential homes as well.

Protecting you and your family from poor indoor air not only keeps you healthy, it also keeps your AC system healthy as well. Below is an article Champion AC had published in NSIDE magazine in San Antonio.

What is in the Air You Breathe?

Special to NSIDE

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ranks indoor air quality as one of the top five concerns to your health. Poor indoor air quality can affect everything from sneezes, coughs and colds to allergies and asthma. While many individuals think that the air outdoors is the primary cause to the rise and fall of allergies and varied sicknesses, the air indoors can be just as impactful.

Poor indoor air quality presents a number of risks in the home, office, and any other building, but it’s something that can be controlled. There are preventative measures that can be taken in order to increase the quality of air you are breathing-in every day.

In the Home

When you think about controlling the weather inside your home, one of the most important factors is regularly changing your air filter. Air filters cost only a couple of dollars to replace. This is the easiest and most inexpensive thing you can do to improve air quality inside your home and make sure your family is breathing clean air. Dirty Air Filters can also cause malfunctions to your AC system and are the number one cause of Coil replacements.

If clean air inside your home isn't enough to get you to regularly replace your air filter, do it for the savings. A clean filter helps your AC run more efficiently - meaning it will use less energy. Higher ventilation rates reduce the transmission and spread of infections in the home.

In Schools and Office Buildings

Poor indoor air quality can impact the comfort and health of employees in the workplace and students in schools. Research by the EPA shows that this can affect concentration, attendance, and employee or student performance. In addition, if office or school management fail to respond in a timely manner to poor indoor air quality, students and staff are at an increased risk of short-term health problems, such as fatigue and nausea, as well as long-term problems like asthma.

Common sources of indoor air pollution include tobacco smoke, biological organisms, building materials and furnishings, cleaning agents, copy machines and pesticides. The EPA reports that a review of building investigation reports suggests that regular HVAC maintenance can have a significant impact on health and performance. Airborne particle reduction has shown continued benefits to both health and comfort of individuals.

“The National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health reports that poor ventilation is an important contributing factor in many sick building cases,” said Hubbert. “The characteristics of ‘sick building syndrome’ include physical symptoms without clearly identifiable causes. Symptoms can include eye, nose and throat irritation, among other ailments, and can lead to increased sick days.”

Studies taken by the EPA in various schools and office buildings show that, when a facility is ranked poorly by its inhabitants, the most frequently cited problems are related to poor indoor air quality.

Air quality has become a health issue for the Alamo City. The City of San Antonio Office of Environmental Policy has its own Air Quality Health Alert Plan, intended to serve as a document for city operations on Air Quality Health Alert Days. The alert season ranges from April through October, but the impact of air quality should be taken into consideration by individuals year-round.

"Indoor air quality products can make a major impact to not only your family's health, but also the health of your home,” explained Hubbert. “Installing these systems also extend the life of central air conditioning systems and help them run more efficiently which helps lower utility bills.”

While it is something that might not always be top of mind, because we often take the air we breathe for granted, it’s important to pay attention to the quality of air in your home and office. Take the time to clean up the air you breathe. Minor adjustments to your home and revisions in your daily routine can have a major impact on the purity of your indoor air quality. This is just something to keep in mind every time you take a breath.

Ben Hubbert and Tony Martinez, owners of Champion AC, began their business with the importance of air quality in the forefront of their minds. After studying the astounding impact and affects of poor indoor air quality, Hubbert and Martinez developed a business model that emphasizes the importance of controlling the climate in your home.

"Those of us who suffer from allergies know that allergy season affects your sleep and work performance,” said Hubbert. “Air purification systems allow an escape from those allergens that can infiltrate homes.”

-Here are a few simple tips that can go a long ways in reducing poor indoor air quality:

  • Change your air filters as soon as they get dirty
  • Don’t smoke in your home
  • Keep your house clean
  • Fix water leaks in your home to avoid growths of any kind
  • Disinfect bathroom and kitchen surfaces
  • Open windows to allow fresh air exchange when weather permits
  • Install a Guardian Air Purifier in your home
  • Upgrade Air Filtration system and ensure all air ducts are sealed

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