Meet the Team

Ben Hubbert

Benjamin Hubbert, co-owner of Champion AC, is a former member of Special Operations in the Air Force (Combat Control), who's now committed to helping San Antonio reduce our community’s demands on the energy grid. Ben brings an innovative perspective to marketing and customer service. He ensures that Champion AC is a household name, educating the public with social networking, blogs and newsletters. He is a firm believer in education and constantly teaches new customer service approaches and techniques.

Charles Fleming

Charles Fleming is the license holder with Champion AC and has been in this business for the last 35 years. Charles designs and engineers every system that we install. Charles has a great reputation with every manufacturer, distributor and supplier in this town. Our customers and staff also love him because of his undeniable work ethic and how he treats the people around him. He is an amazing communicator and he is a wealth of knowledge. He is probably best known for getting up in the middle of the night to help our team get the good people of San Antonio the equipment they need to regain comfortability in their homes. He is also a member of the local Gold Wing motorcycle chapter and donates much of his time escorting races on his motorcycle and helping raise funds for a number of health organizations.


Gerald is one of the senior technicians here at Champion AC. Gerald has a great personality and is best known for being the guy that will run any service call at any time. He is just one of those guys that can fix almost any heating and cooling problem at any time. Gerald has experience installing residential and commercial equipment and is currently a lead technician with Champion AC. One of his main passions is teaching other technicians and installers how to solve problems. He takes being a leader very serious and is always prepared for the day in front of him. Gerald is NCI (National Comfort Institute) certified and is an expert in the art of balancing air in a home. Becoming an NCI certified technician is one of the most exclusive HVAC institutes in America. Gerald is married with two beautiful children.

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