Installation Process for a New Air Conditioner System

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Investing in a new air conditioning system just in time for summer is a great home improvement idea. Not only will it help keep your family cool in the south Texas heat, but it will also save you money with increased energy efficiency. So here’s what you can expect during the typical air conditioner installation process from Champion AC. Once the proper AC system is selected for your needs, our installation team will arrive to set everything up. First, our team will take steps to protect your floors and carpets. We’ll wear shoe covers and lay down sheets over the … Continued

Now’s the Time for Your AC Tune-Up


Summer is just about here. For San Antonio and south Texas, that means hot, hot and more hot. We’re a little more than a month away from temperatures reaching 90 and above – and staying there for a while. But I’m here to offer a bit of good news. That means now is the time to make sure your air conditioning system isn’t going to leave you high and not-so-dry (sweating…get it?) when you need it most. At Champion AC, we have a couple of different options to keep your AC running at maximum efficiency during the summer. Our $99, … Continued

Keep Those Air Filters Clean

Before too long, temperatures will be in the 90s and we’ll be wondering if it will ever cool down again. Yes, summer is almost here – so it’s time to do what you can to help your home air conditioner keep you and your family cool. One of the most effective ways to keep your AC running in peak performance is also one of the simplest – change your air filter. In other words, you don’t want your filter looking like the one above! Champion AC recommends San Antonio homeowners change their air filter at least once a month during … Continued

How Your Air Conditioner Helps Control Humidity

Humidity Meter

If you’ve ever stepped outside in the middle of summer (or when it’s already hot and sticky during spring) and the air is so thick it feels like someone is pressing against your face – that’s humidity. The exact opposite is true in the winter. You know those chapped lips and dry skin you always get? That’s because of a lack of humidity. In other words, too much humidity is uncomfortable. And too little humidity can be uncomfortable, as well. So what are you supposed to do? That’s actually where your air conditioner comes into play. Most people think an … Continued

Champion AC Commercial AC Services

Champion AC Hiring

Here at Champion AC, we pride ourselves on helping homeowners across San Antonio keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter. As we’ve grown as a company, we see more and more families choosing us to provide their air conditioning and heating needs. That’s a huge honor – and we take it very seriously. But we also do commercial air conditioning and heating repairs and replacements! That means you can get the same, great, Champion AC customer service at your business as you do at your home. Here are the commercial services we provide: Commercial AC Installation Commercial … Continued

Whether the Weather Be Cold


From 74 degrees and rainy to 34 degrees and sunny, everyone seems to be wondering what on earth is going on with our weather. Historically, San Antonio weather complies with the old adage about unpredictable and quickly changing Texas weather. If you look at past temperatures on, you’ll see that we haven’t hit the record low yet of 19 degrees set on this day in 2002. But then again, we’re a long way from the record high of 100 degrees set in 1991. Sure would be nice to be somewhere in the middle—say, at the average high for today of … Continued

When Does Mountain Cedar Season End?


We’re getting close to the end of February, which means a couple of things. One, spring is just around the corner. And, two, mountain cedar is almost over. The cedar season typically lasts though the end of this month. According to Dr. Paul Ratner, we’re still seeing levels in the high level – but that’s expected to tail off over the next couple of weeks. As always, Champion AC likes to remind you there are a few things you can do to protect your family from allergies inside your home. Don’t forget to regularly change your air filters. If you … Continued

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Desserts

chocolate lava with vanilla ice cream and strawberry to write lo

At Champion AC, we provide homeowners with the best of both worlds. When you want to be cool, your well-tuned air conditioner will do the hard work. And when you want to be warm, your heater has you covered. Since it’s almost Valentine’s Day, we want to extend our “best of both worlds” mentality to something very important…dessert! Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with friends, family or your lobster (You can thank Netflix for all future Friends references), a tasty dessert should be on the menu! Don’t know if you want something hot and decadent or cool and refreshing? Why … Continued

What is SEER?

New AC Unit

Buying a new air conditioning system can be a tense time. It can be overwhelming. We understand. That’s why Champion AC tries to make it as easy as possible for you. That starts with making sure you understand all the terminology that’s coming your way. One of the more confusing terms you’ll hear over and over is SEER. What is SEER? We blogged about this for our friends at Angie’s List. So head over there and read up on the importance of SEER and what it means to the life and efficiency of your new AC system!

Champion’s Champions: Volunteer Opportunities


There’s nothing like a new year to get your mind in the right perspective. As the weather cools down, there are more opportunities than ever to give back to your community. Have you been inspired by a Champion’s Champion? Are you looking for fun and rewarding ways to get involved and make a difference? Check out these wonderful local organizations and see what you can do to lend a helping hand this winter and spring! SA Food Bank “The mission of the SAFB is to fight hunger in Southwest Texas through food distribution, programs, education, and advocacy.” The San Antonio … Continued