Energy Tips for Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Whether you’re cooking up a plump turkey, a sweet ham or a healthy tofurkey substitute, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Holiday gatherings are notorious for energy waste – and we’re not talking about tryptophan naps! Here are a few great ways to save energy this Thanksgiving! In the Kitchen Avoid needless energy waste from the oven. Turn on the oven light to avoid peeking in every so often to check on the progress. Also, with a little planning ahead of time, you can cook several items at … Continued

Tips to Save Money During Fall and Winter


Can you feel it? While our San Antonio Spurs are heating up, the weather is cooling down. (Finally!) For the energy-savvy homeowner, cooler weather means big savings. There’s more ceiling fans, less AC and more snuggling (that saves energy too!). Are you ready to see smaller numbers on your energy bills? We never could keep a secret, so we’ll let you in on a few pro tips for saving big on energy this fall and winter! Start at the Bottom Halloween has come and gone. Chances are that you’re already decorating for the holidays. Take this opportunity to dress any … Continued

Preparing Your Home for Colder Weather


Brace yourselves, even cooler weather is coming! (We promise. It will be here before too long.) The temperature is slowly dropping, and it’s almost time to finally bring out the oversized sweaters that have been in the dark corner of our closets all year. With cold weather right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start preparing for the low temperatures. Whatever your heating needs are, the team at Champion AC has you covered. Schedule a heater tune-up today, and Champion’s technicians will have you taking on the cold in no time! If you’re ahead of the game … Continued

Angie’s List Article: Saving Energy With an Energy Diet


Going on a diet isn’t always the most enjoyable thing. It usually means cutting out a lot of stuff that you love – desserts, sodas, etc. But going on an energy diet is completely different. It means eliminating wasteful energy use! Champion AC is honored to help Angie’s List users and reviewers with some helpful tips on saving energy with an energy diet. Just click the link to read our advice!

The Perfect Time to Check Your Air Ducts

air duct repair

One of the biggest problems with your home’s comfort often goes unseen. That’s because it’s hidden somewhere you typically avoid – the attic. About 20% of the cooled or heated air in your home is lost due to issues with your air ducts. A leaky duct system can be a major drain on your checking account. It’s a major waste of energy, which is why many utilities – including CPS Energy – offer incentives for you to get your ducts in a row. Champion AC is a CPS Energy-registered contractor. That means you can contact us to perform air duct … Continued

Champion’s Champion


Do you know a Champion’s Champion? Check out our newest part of Community of Champions. champion [cham-pee-uh  n] (n.) a person who fights for or defends any person or cause; a fighter or warrior; one that is clearly superior or has the attributes of a winner (v.) to support the cause of Champion’s Champion On September 2, Champion AC will launch Champion’s Champion, a part of our Champion AC Community of Champions, to accept submissions to recognize a local citizen who defines the essence of being a champion. While it is natural to think of a champion as one who … Continued

Why Does Your Air Conditioner Freeze?

top of AC unit

One of the most common air conditioning problems we see here in San Antonio is AC systems that freeze up. At first thought, that may not make sense. How can your air conditioner freeze when it’s working so hard outside in the heat to keep you cool? But that’s exactly what happens – and there are a few, typical reasons why. Let’s first tackle the main issue. When your AC freezes up and stops cooling, it’s the evaporator coil that’s having issues. And it all comes down to airflow. When there’s little to no airflow to the coil, condensation on … Continued

Are You Ready For Ragweed Season?


Calling all Hay Fever (seasonal allergy) sufferers! Ragweed is on the way and it’s predicted to be one of the worst season in history. Thanks to recent rain and humidity, ragweed will soon be thriving. Right on queue, Dr. Paul Ratner reported ragweed showing up today on the latest allergy count. That means it’s time to arm yourself with knowledge (and Benadryl!) before the pollen really starts flying. What is Ragweed? This pesky weed lives in only one season, but that doesn’t stop it from sending tissue and antihistamine sales sky high. A single ragweed plant can release up to … Continued

Guest Post: A Look at Heating and AC North of the Border


(Here in Texas, we pretend like we have all four seasons. But in reality, we have two – hot and not so warm. So we thought it would be interesting to see what folks who live way north of here put up with on a yearly basis. We asked our friends at Hogg Heating and AC in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada to describe the summers and winters up north of the border. Here’s what Peter Wagner had to say.) In the middle of last weekend’s gorgeous weather, I remember stepping into our (coolish) house thinking, “Will I ever be glad when … Continued

Keeping Your Pets Safe in the Heat


Air conditioning isn’t just a luxury in San Antonio, it’s a necessity. Without proper hydration, shade and air conditioning, body temperatures can quickly rise to the hundreds – that’s heat stroke territory. Fortunately, humans have ways of cooling themselves off. We can sweat, sit by a fan, go inside and enjoy a cool drink, etc. Your pets are another story. Pets, like infants, rely purely on their owners/moms/dads to keep them safe. You provide the water, the shade and the air conditioning. Now that summer is here, it’s more important than ever to protect your pets from the intense heat … Continued