AC Maintenance Plans for the Summer

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There’s a good chance that you’re making a lot of plans as summer approaches rapidly. Plans to travel for vacation, plans to see family, plans to workout to get that “summer bod.”Just as necessary are these plans to ensure an enjoyable summer – you don’t want to neglect having an AC maintenance plan in place to keep you cool throughout. Summer is the prime time for HVAC issues at home. Extreme heat and temperatures are harsh on air conditioning units, since they tend to work harder and longer in the summers to keep homes cool and comfortable. After a while, … Continued

Summer Weather Forecast for San Antonio

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As we go into the summer, we do so knowing that it’s going to be hot. It’s no surprise, and it’s almost as if it’s clockwork: each summer seems warmer than the last. We all face the dread of yet another hotter, meaner summer each year as it approaches, especially in the grand state of Texas. The summer heat endured by Texas every year reaches a level of hot unmatched by most other states in the country, and central Texas cities like San Antonio feel it the most. Just glancing at the monthly weather report for San Antonio, this year … Continued

3 Things to Check Before You Call Your AC Company

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While you should never hesitate calling on the pros when you’re experiencing HVAC system issues, service calls can be pricey. AC units seem to break at the worst times, but sometimes it’s just a matter of troubleshooting a small malfunction. There’s no need to break the bank for a simple AC repair that you forgot to check yourself. Before you request a technician visit your home for AC repair, save yourself time and money by looking at common and easily fixable failures: Check your breaker, which “trips” or turns off your power supply when overheating occurs. This happens when the … Continued

Why is Upstairs Warmer Than Downstairs?

We’ve all felt it before – the dread of going upstairs. Not because of the dark, creepy crawlies hiding in the attic or the just the fact of having to actually go up the stairs. No, it’s because once we get to the very top, we have to adjust from the cozy, comfortable temperature downstairs to a much hotter second floor.  We’re often left wondering why this happens – especially with the air conditioning on — and how we can fix it. Turns out, there are a couple different answers. In the simplest of terms, heat rises. It’s an age-old … Continued

What Does SEER Mean and Why is it Important?

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When first looking at investing in a new air conditioning system, it can be overwhelming at how much there is to assess. One of the most important things to consider is the SEER rating. Understanding what a SEER rating stands for and why it is important can be beneficial to you in becoming more energy efficient. What exactly does SEER mean? SEER is an acronym for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. The Department of Energy set standards that HVAC equipment manufacturers must meet. The efficiency of air conditioners is rated by SEER, which measures the air conditioning and heat pump cooling … Continued

Top Paying Skilled Labor Jobs

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You may be surprised to learn the average income from these skilled labor jobs! With the completion of technical school training, you have the opportunity to work in these top fields. These are some high-paying skilled labor jobs in 2017. Aviation Maintenance US average hourly wage – $28 US average annual salary – $58,000 Job Description: Aviation maintenance includes the repair and maintenance of aircrafts. They perform inspections required by the Federal Aviation Administration. HVAC Technician US average hourly wage – $23 High-end hourly wage – more than $35 Job Description: HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. An … Continued

Should I get Ductless AC in my Home?

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Is Ductless AC Right For My Home? As the summer months fade away, we all know warm weather isn’t going anywhere. Living in Texas, we’re used to running the air conditioning year round. We’re always thankful for our air conditioning units, but which unit is best suited for you and your home? Should you consider using a ductless AC system? Advantages of Ductless AC The main advantage of installing and using a ductless AC system is the efficiency of it. It allows you to directly cool down (or heat up) a specific room, whereas a typical air conditioning system might … Continued

If Your AC Uses R-22, It’s Time to Update Your System

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An air conditioning unit cools your home, we all know that. But do you know what actually makes these systems tick? AC units convert chemicals from gas to liquid and back again, which circulates the hot air from inside of the home to outside the home. This process cools your home by simply removing the unwanted hot air. There are two main types of AC refrigerant chemicals that are used in the process: R-22 and R-410A. R-22 The first chemical is R-22, known by its chemical name as hydro-chlorofluorocarbon (HCFC). People commonly know R-22 AC units as units that use … Continued

Why is One Room Hotter Than the Other?

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Why is One Room Hotter Than the Other? Experiencing cold and hot spots in your house and high AC bills? There may be a problem with your air ducts that is creating air flow issues. There are a few reasons this annoyance could be occurring to your home, and luckily there are a few simple solutions. The first step is to determine the problem. Problems in the air duct One room may have a hot spot because of a blockage, tear or poor design with your air ducts. Cool air travels through air ducts to reach the rooms in your … Continued

Is it Time for a New Thermostat?

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Is My Thermostat Working? Living in Texas, we know the importance of air conditioning – but we often overlook a key component of the air conditioning unit: the thermostat. As the summer months roll in, we need to ask ourselves two important questions: Does my thermostat display a different temperature than it is set to? And is my thermostat programmable? If you answered no to either of these questions, you may want to consider updating to a new thermostat to save you money and energy! There are a variety of reasons why your thermostat could stop working. Those reasons include: … Continued

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