4 Non-Profits to Donate to During the Holidays

San Antonio Charities

Christmas is such a wholesome and loving time. We are surrounded by family, and we give gifts to our loved ones. It’s hard to imagine what it would be like to not have them to share the holidays with. This holiday, we would encourage you to focus a bit of that cheer and goodwill on the spirit of others. Sometimes it’s easy to forget about those less fortunate, and it never hurts to give back to the community. So here are four organizations that could use your support, whether it is donating some extra cash to veterans or spare cans … Continued

Holiday Donation Ideas

Special Operations Warrior Foundation

Even during this busy season, there’s always ways to give back to the community. When thinking about what gifts to buy your loved ones, always remember there are so many less fortunate people in the world that would benefit from your donations tenfold. Here are a few of Champion AC’s favorite nonprofits and charities to give to during this holiday season! Special Operation Warrior Foundation This organization holds a special place in our hearts at Champion AC, since we are veteran owned and operated. The Special Operations Warrior Foundation provides college scholarships to children whose parents died while serving in … Continued

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Desserts

Valentine's Day Desserts

At Champion AC, we provide homeowners with the best of both worlds. When you want to be cool, your well-tuned air conditioner will do the hard work. And when you want to be warm, your heater has you covered. Since it’s almost Valentine’s Day, we want to extend our “best of both worlds” mentality to something very important…dessert! Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with friends, family or your lobster (You can thank Netflix for all future Friends references), a tasty dessert should be on the menu! Don’t know if you want something hot and decadent or cool and refreshing? Why … Continued

Champion’s Champions: Volunteer Opportunities

AC Installation San Antonio

There’s nothing like a new year to get your mind in the right perspective. As the weather cools down, there are more opportunities than ever to give back to your community. Have you been inspired by a Champion’s Champion? Are you looking for fun and rewarding ways to get involved and make a difference? Check out these wonderful local organizations and see what you can do to lend a helping hand this winter and spring! SA Food Bank “The mission of the SAFB is to fight hunger in Southwest Texas through food distribution, programs, education, and advocacy.” The San Antonio … Continued

Champion’s Champion

Air Conditioning San Antonio

Do you know a Champion’s Champion? Check out our newest part of Community of Champions. champion [cham-pee-uh  n] (n.) a person who fights for or defends any person or cause; a fighter or warrior; one that is clearly superior or has the attributes of a winner (v.) to support the cause of Champion’s Champion On September 2, Champion AC will launch Champion’s Champion, a part of our Champion AC Community of Champions, to accept submissions to recognize a local citizen who defines the essence of being a champion. While it is natural to think of a champion as one who … Continued

Keep Your Pets Safe in the Heat

Air conditioning isn’t just a luxury in San Antonio, it’s a necessity. Without proper hydration, shade and air conditioning, body temperatures can quickly rise to the hundreds – that’s heat stroke territory. Fortunately, humans have ways of cooling themselves off. We can sweat, sit by a fan, go inside and enjoy a cool drink, etc. Your pets are another story. Pets, like infants, rely purely on their owners/moms/dads to keep them safe. You provide the water, the shade and the air conditioning. Now that summer is here, it’s more important than ever to protect your pets from the intense heat … Continued

Getting You Ready for the Weekend

Champion AC here with your San Antonio weekend weather forecast. The temperatures are set to reach the mid-90s just in time for an NBA Finals rematch for the ages. As the San Antonio Spurs set out to conquer the heat, the official AC company of the Spurs (that’s us!) has a few great tips to help you beat the heat at home! Have you called for your spring tune-up yet? This pain-free and low-cost maintenance is essential to keeping your air conditioner in top shape for the sizzling months ahead. When you schedule an AC tune-up, a technician will thoroughly … Continued

Green Halloween: Energy-Efficient Tips

Halloween Energy Tips

The pumpkins are everywhere. Candy is on sale. Costumes line the aisles at HEB. That can only mean one thing. Halloween is almost here! Did you know you can still celebrate Halloween to the fullest and be energy efficient? You can! It’s not difficult, actually. In fact, here are a couple of simple tips from Champion AC to green up your Halloween. First things first, save all the huge decorations that require energy for the night of October 31. This accomplishes two things. One, it gives the kids something extra scary to look forward to on Halloween night. And, two, … Continued

Champion AC to Sponsor Thursday Night Lights

Every year, we all look forward to the return of high school football. The traditions and game nights bring together entire communities. And, as you probably know, high school football is such a big deal here in Texas that it spawned a best-selling book, movie and critically acclaimed TV show called Friday Night Lights. But not all the action happens on Friday nights. Champion AC is proud to sponsor Thursday Night Lights! Each week, the CW 35 here in San Antonio airs a high school  game of the week in prime time! Here’s this season’s Thursday Night Lights schedule: 09/12, … Continued

What to Expect from the San Antonio Spurs in 2013-14

Despite the fact that the San Antonio Spurs came up short against the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, it doesn’t mean the team expects anything less than a championship next year. While there is sure to be plenty of competition in the Western Conference, the Spurs are equipped to make another run at the title.   Despite an aging team, anything less than another birth in the NBA Finals will be a disappointment for head coach Gregg Popovich and his squad. We know what Tony Parker, Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili bring to the table. However, the Spurs have more … Continued

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