3 Ways You’re Using Your Heater Wrong

New Thermostat San Antonio

With the really cold weather we’ve had lately, it’s inevitable that we start using the heater and more hot water. But this creates a common concern for homeowners – their electric bills will soon be on the rise. With the use of energy-efficient solutions and products, this does not always have to be the case. There are also many ways you could be using your heater incorrectly. Here are some of the most common mistakes homeowners make with their heating system. Not using a programmable thermostat While not all central heating systems come with a programmable thermostat, it is a … Continued

Why Does My Heater Smell?

Why does my heater have a burning smell?

Sweater weather is approaching! It will soon be getting colder, meaning it’s time to turn your heaters on and get them running again. Most people will notice a funny smell when they finally turn them on for the first time this season. Sometimes this is referred to as the “dirty socks syndrome.” Here are a few reasons why your heater may smell– but don’t fret because this is completely normal. After heaters have been turned off for a long period of time, they collect dust and lint. This dust can collect on the heat exchanger and air ducts – so … Continued

Is Your Thermostat Properly Calibrated?

Is Your Thermostat Calculated Properly?

Across America, almost everybody relies on an air conditioning and heating system to keep them comfortable no matter the weather. The thermostat (whether it’s a programmable thermostat or not) is the unsung hero of the house, and you just never seem to notice how important it is until it breaks and you’re subjected to frigid cold or sweltering heat. But just like any hero, your thermostat may have some flaws. It doesn’t have to break outright for there to be problems with your air conditioning. Instead, it may slip slowly out of balance from natural use. If your thermostat isn’t … Continued

There’s Still Time to Get a Heater Tune-Up

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Just because you’ve now had a couple of opportunities to dust off your favorite coat and scarf, it doesn’t mean that it’s too late for a heater tune-up! Champion AC’s heater tune-up will make sure that you won’t be left in the cold this winter. In addition to regularly changing your air filters, practicing proper thermostat use and sipping on a mug of hot cocoa, a heater tune-up is a great way to keep warm when the temperature drops low. Consider a tune-up Champion AC’s version of battening down the hatches for winter. We’ll make sure that all connections are … Continued

Energy Tips for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Whether you’re cooking up a plump turkey, a sweet ham or a healthy tofurkey substitute, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Holiday gatherings are notorious for energy waste – and we’re not talking about tryptophan naps! Here are a few great ways to save energy this Thanksgiving! In the Kitchen Avoid needless energy waste from the oven. Turn on the oven light to avoid peeking in every so often to check on the progress. Also, with a little planning ahead of time, you can cook several items at … Continued

Tips to Save Money During Fall and Winter

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Can you feel it? While our San Antonio Spurs are heating up, the weather is cooling down. (Finally!) For the energy-savvy homeowner, cooler weather means big savings. There’s more ceiling fans, less AC and more snuggling (that saves energy too!). Are you ready to see smaller numbers on your energy bills? We never could keep a secret, so we’ll let you in on a few pro tips for saving big on energy this fall and winter! Start at the Bottom Halloween has come and gone. Chances are that you’re already decorating for the holidays. Take this opportunity to dress any … Continued

Preparing Your Home for Colder Weather

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Brace yourselves, even cooler weather is coming! (We promise. It will be here before too long.) The temperature is slowly dropping, and it’s almost time to finally bring out the oversized sweaters that have been in the dark corner of our closets all year. With cold weather right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start preparing for the low temperatures. Whatever your heating needs are, the team at Champion AC has you covered. Schedule a heater tune-up today, and Champion’s technicians will have you taking on the cold in no time! If you’re ahead of the game … Continued

Another Cold Blast Headed to San Antonio

Not sure if you’ve seen the forecast or not, but hope you’re ready for a return of winter weather.   The forecast for the rest of the week calls for temperatures to not get out of the 30s or low 40s during the day Thursday and Friday. Thursday’s low could reach the mid-to-low 20s. There’s even talk of potential light snow for the San Antonio area.   This means your heating system will need to be in tip-top shape for the rest of the week. Remember to change your air filter and schedule a heater tune-up if you haven’t done … Continued

How to Make Sure Your Heater Will Work Properly

Here in San Antonio, we don’t often deal with below freezing temperatures. So, it comes as no surprise that many San Antonians have questions about the best practices for safely enduring these frigid conditions. Home heating safety, of course, starts with a properly serviced heater or furnace. If you forgot your fall tune-up this year and are concerned about your home’s heating system, call Champion AC today. If you’re confident in your HVAC system, check out our other helpful hints for the best home heating practices for freezing temperatures. Have peace of mind and make sure your heater works properly … Continued

Getting Your Heater Ready for Winter

Winter weather is finally here in San Antonio. Temperatures will get awfully close to freezing over the next couple of nights, thanks to a arctic front that pushed through Tuesday afternoon. Now that the chilly weather has arrived, you might finally be tempted to flip that switch on your HVAC system from Cool to Heat. But is your heater ready? There’s an easy way to make sure the answer to the question is am emphatic, “Yes!” Just schedule a heater tune-up with Champion AC. Our 17-point tune-ups make sure your heater is working properly, and they also include a carbon … Continued

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