3 Things to Check Before You Call Your AC Company

Murphy’s Law says anything that can go wrong, will go wrong – usually at the worst time. The equivalent of that in the HVAC world is your air conditioning unit breaking down during the peak summer season. While it’s obviously a smart thing to call the professionals when you need AC repair, you should first see if the problem with your AC is fixable without professional help. Before you call a local AC company, check these three things:

Check your breaker

If your AC isn’t turning on, the problem might not even be your AC, at all. Sometimes breakers can overheat, causing a breaker to “trip” or turn off the power supply to a certain room or rooms in your home. If you’ve been using a lot of power lately, check your breaker panel. If the switch that controls your HVAC unit is pointing the wrong way, simply flip it back into its original place.

Replace your thermostat batteries

If your breaker isn’t the problem, you might want to check the batteries in your thermostat. If the screen on your thermostat is blank or has a low battery symbol, you should replace the batteries before calling an AC technician.

Replace your air filter

If problems with your AC still persist, replace your air filter. You should already be replacing your air filters at least once a month. If you don’t, a clogged air filter might just be your problem. Regularly replacing your air filter will also help save energy and extend the life of your HVAC system.

If your HVAC unit is still experiencing problems after you’ve checked these three things, call Champion Home Services. We can answer your questions and send out an experienced technician if needed.