Air Duct Replacement

San Antonio Air Duct Replacement

Just because air conditioning equipment is new doesn’t mean that it is efficient. Heating and cooling equipment completely relies upon the distribution system. You may need a duct system evaluation if:

Ducts control how much air is delivered to each room throughout the house. Improperly sized or installed ducts and damaged ductwork impair your air conditioning system. Most homes have air loss due to improper design or poor flow. These problems can reduce a home’s efficiency by over 50 percent on the days you need it the most.

During a duct renovation, we will replace damaged and improperly sized ducts. We also will add proper suspension to the ducts and ensure they were properly sealed. Larger duct installation and upgraded registers and grills are sometimes included.

Champion Home Services also offers air filtration systems and UV lights for indoor air quality. We also install insulation upon request. Champion recommends attic insulation of R-49 to R-60 levels.

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Why renovate an air duct system?
The average home loses as much as 30 percent of heated or cooled air through leaky duct systems.