Heater Repair

San Antonio Heater Repair You Can Count On.

In San Antonio’s chillier months, you need a reliable heater to keep out the cold. Champion AC provides heater repair and heat pump repair San Antonio homeowners have trusted and relied on for years – and we’re here to help your family stay warm, as well.

No matter the type of heater or furnace you have in your home, Champion AC’s professional, certified and friendly technicians can find the problem quickly and provide the heater and heat pump repair services you need. If you need heater replacement, we can help with that too. Our main goal during any repair call is to get you up and running again. We will always provide you with professional recommendations on possible issues that could improve the longevity, safety and overall health of your system – but we will never offer something you don’t need.

You may not use your heater often in south Texas, but you want to know you can count on it when you need it to keep your family comfortable. You can trust the experts at Champion AC to get your heating system working again.

Electric Heater Repair

Electric heaters use an electric heat strip to heat the air that is then blown into your home. This type of heater isn’t the best option for parts of the country where the heater is used frequently. Here in San Antonio, an electric heater can be a more budget-friendly option. Champion AC’s technicians are trained to repair or replace all types of electric heaters.

Gas Furnace Repair

At Champion AC, our goal is for your heating system to keep your safely warm throughout the winter months. The belts, blowers, filters, burners and thermocouples of a gas furnace can be tough to upkeep. If any of these components malfunction, you could get left in the cold without a heating system. Champion AC is San Antonio’s best choice for gas furnace repair and replacement.

Heater Replacement

If a repair isn’t going to get the job done, Champion AC can replace your heater with a new, high-efficiency model. In addition to staying warm in the winter, a new heater will help you save money on your energy bills. If you’re in need of a new heater, call Champion AC today for a free quote or second opinion.