Ceiling Fan Installation

Professional Home Ceiling Fan Installation

Since their invention dating all the way back to 1882, ceiling fans have consistently changed the way we think about and approach cooling our homes. For over 100 years, ceiling fans have been the perfect way to take advantage of modern functionality and practicality all while adding a beautiful touch to your home decor. Ceiling fans provide a wide range of benefits: increasing comfort in the summer and winter, serving as practical light sources for your rooms, are useful both indoors and out and are one of the best ways to reduce energy bills at home without sacrificing comfort. Not only are these appliances useful luxuries, they are necessities to surviving the Texas heat. That’s why Champion Home Services offers premium ceiling fan installation services that keep you cool, comfortable and worry-free.

Installations That’ll Blow You Away

Whether it is a full-on new ceiling fan installation, specific upgrades, replacements or repairs to existing fixtures or simply adding more fans to your home, Champion Home Services’ professionals will ensure that every job is installed and updated to the National Electrical Code (NEC) standards for the most efficient and functional operation.

Untrained, DIY installations often lead to serious wiring and functionality issues that cost you more in the long run, and with so many styles of ceiling fans that continue to be developed and emerge in the market, it only gets riskier. Don’t risk the aftermath of a faulty DIY installation when our experienced team can help you install, tighten, wire and fix any ceiling fan of all shapes and sizes you may have.

Ceiling Fan Installers You Can Trust

At Champion Home Services, we are dedicated to detail. We focus on completing our installations the right way the first time around by taking into account the fan’s balance, placement, security, noise and more. We guarantee the highest quality ceiling fan installation and service around. As part of the San Antonio community ourselves, we know the necessity that is a properly installed and working ceiling fan. We ensure that you receive top quality service, just as we would want it. And with safety being our top priority, we’ll even include a free home electrical inspection with all of our services.

Get started with Champion Home Services’ expertise and know-how for a simple yet beautiful and functional home ceiling fan installation today.

Enjoy the convenience and reassurance of your home ceiling fan installation when you enlist the services of any of our expertly trained and licensed electricians at Champion Electric.