Air Conditioning and Treating Illnesses


For those that live in San Antonio and much of the south, life without air conditioning is not going to happen. But believe it or not, no one wanted AC when Dr. John Gorrie invented the idea of refrigeration in the 1800s. It wasn’t until the 1950s that the demand for air conditioning dramatically increased. Gorrie was a Florida doctor who first used research and technological developments to cool down his hospital. He used compressor technology that blew air over an ice maker to cool off patients with fevers. Gorrie believed that if he could find a way to bring … Continued

Ants in Your Air Conditioner


Air conditioning is a luxury most of us are now accustomed to. We have learned to both maintain and control the efficiency of our AC units because without it we would melt down here in the south. Recommended maintenance such as changing AC filters, having a programmable thermostat and routine checkups are all great ways to ensure the life of your HVAC unit. However, there is one problem that many homeowners are unsure of how to fix – crazy ants in your air conditioner. This type of ant makes it home in existing structures because they don’t build mounds like … Continued

The Importance of Commercial AC in the Workplace

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Imagine you’re at home in Texas during a 100-plus degree day. What’s the worst possible thing that could happen to you at that time? Your AC goes out, and it’s not turning back on. In this truly disastrous situation, you may be asking yourself, “Could this get worse?” We’re here to tell you…yes. Yes it can. Now imagine you’re at work in Texas during a 100-plus degree day, and the commercial air conditioning goes out. That’s worse. On top of that 9-5 day in your cubicle, it’s hot. It’s muggy. You’re breaking a sweat. Everyone’s complaining. The guy in the cubicle … Continued

How to Set a Programmable Thermostat


One of the primary ways to cut energy costs is by using a programmable thermostat. If you like saving money, purchasing one may be a beneficial investment. Although it may not sound exciting, programmable thermostats offer a variety of benefits for your home. For example, programmable thermostats give you the control you want. With the Nest Learning Thermostat or similar thermostats, you will be able to control your system from anywhere. There is a remote control app on iOS and Android which can be downloaded in the app store. You’ll be able to control the temperature, the settings, review your … Continued

Best Thermostat Setting for Summer


Summer-time heat means skyrocketed energy bills. Keep your home cool and save energy during the summer by following these simple steps, including where to set your thermostat. Set your thermostat at an ideal temperature. According to the Department of Energy, setting your thermostat below 78 costs you anywhere from 1-3 percent per degree. While you’re away, set the thermostat within a range from 78-82 degrees and when you’re at home have it set between 74 and 78 degrees, based on your comfort level. Get a programmable thermostat. One of the primary ways to cut down on summer energy bills is by … Continued

How Your Windows Affect Your Air Conditioning

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Windows are known as the eyes of a home. They play a key role in keeping your house comfortable. They provide light, warmth, fresh air and a view to the outside world. With all of these pros, you wouldn’t believe that windows can negatively impact your home. But they can. Old, run down windows can severely decrease the energy efficiency in your home and can also account for up to 30% of your electricity bill. You may have splurged on an energy-efficient air conditioning system, but without proper windows, you’re likely using way more energy to keep your home cool. Drafty … Continued

Dealing With Pets and Summer Heat

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Summertime in Texas means high utility bills and brutal, dangerous heat – not just for humans but our furry friends, too. There are a variety of factors that can be potentially deadly for our pets and summer heat. Now that the summer heat has arrived and the Texas temperature is quickly approaching 100 degrees, it’s important to know how you can keep your pets safe from these harsh environmental factors. Here are a few pet heat safety tips: Treat your pet like you’d treat your newborn. Pets are like babies – they rely solely on their care-provider to keep them … Continued

Saving Energy During the Summer


As a homeowner in Texas, you may know that cooling off your home in the summertime can be costly. When the weather gets warm, your electricity bill gets higher. So how can you save money on your summer utility bill? Let’s take a look at the top three tips for saving energy during the summer.   Tip #1: “The smaller the difference, the smaller the bill.”  Do this: Set your thermostat at the right temperature in order to lower your cooling costs. For the most energy-efficient way to stay cool in the summer heat, set your thermostat at the highest temperature … Continued

Best-Paid Skilled Labor Jobs

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Many people today believe the only way to earn a big salary is to have a college degree. But most of those people fail to realize that hands-on labor workers, without a degree, can get paid just as much money as those with one. Several Texas cities — including Austin and San Antonio — are among those expecting the fastest growth in skilled labor jobs and the most competitive pay. Here are the top three, best-paid, skilled labor jobs around today. Elevator Mechanic Average Salary: $73,000 Top Salary: $101,000 Elevator technicians handle assembling, installation and repairs of elevators, escalators and … Continued

Lower Your Summer Energy Bills


For kids, summer in central Texas brings images of raspas, pool days, late nights and tan lines. On the other hand, for homeowners and renters alike, summer means water management for green lawns, spraying for ants and wasps, and heaving a heavy sigh when the electric bill rolls in. In addition to regularly changing your air filter and setting your thermostat to the perfect temperature for summer, a summer tune-up can help make sure that running your air conditioner won’t have to cut into your “Summer Fun” savings. The savings don’t have to stop there! There are several non-air-conditioning-related ways … Continued