Rapid Response AC Repair Services

When your air conditioner stops working, your home can get uncomfortable quickly — especially in San Antonio! For the majority of the year, we rely on our ACs to function, so we don’t have time to waste when facing home air conditioning repairs. We need fast, reliable professionals to ensure our cooling systems are working again.

Champion Home Services is your local AC repair service! Our team is certified and prepared to identify the source of your air conditioning struggles with haste. Then, we provide long-lasting AC repairs, San Antonio. We get the job done right every time because that’s what you deserve. Do you need air conditioning repairs to get your home comfortable again? Call on our Champions!

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Does My AC Need Repairs?

Some malfunctions in your air conditioner are pretty obvious, but others can stay hidden for a long time before you know something’s wrong. That’s why it’s important to know what signs to look for that indicate your air conditioner needs repairs. Our team has seen every repair you can think of, so let us help you recognize the symptoms of cooling repairs:

  • Warm air blowing
  • Hot or cold spots
  • Low airflow
  • Strange sounds or odors
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Decreased efficiency

Have you noticed some of these signs in your home? Don’t hesitate while the repair grows larger or more serious! Catching a repair early can make a huge difference in the steps required to get your unit operational again. Luckily, as soon as you call Champion Home Services, you don’t have to stress anymore. Our Texas AC specialists take the reins and make sure the problem is solved before we leave.

Summer Air Conditioning Repairs

Here in San Antonio, we’re blasted by extreme summer weather. Right when you need your AC the most, it always seems to fail. Why is that? The simple answer is that your air conditioner is ultimately just a machine. The more strain the system is under to produce cold air in 100+ degree weather, the more likely a component is to clog or break.

Great ways to combat this situation are to schedule your spring AC tune-up, check your air filters more frequently and set your thermostat at a reasonable temperature. If you’re trying to get your home to 65 degrees when it’s 100 degrees outside, your cooling system is going to struggle and be put under enormous pressure. We recommend setting your thermostat no more than 20 degrees less than the temperature outside. For example, 78 degrees inside when it’s 98 degrees outside.

If your air conditioning fails under the pressure of Texas’ heat, your Champions are on the way!

Common San Antonio AC Repairs

You may be able to tell that your AC isn’t performing like it usually does, but what are the most common repairs that actually cause your air conditioner to stop working? You don’t have to fix these problems — our Champions will take care of them — but the more you know about your cooling system repairs, the easier the process will be. Here are some of the typical repairs our team makes:

  • Clearing clogged air filters
  • Thawing frozen coils
  • Replacing mechanical parts
  • Fixing thermostats
  • Leaking refrigerant

Whether your system requires a simple fix or a complicated repair, you need the expertise of an HVAC expert. The last thing you need is a short-term fix or a DIY solution that makes the problem worse! With Champion Home Services, your air conditioner repair is clear, dependable and precise. That’s our guarantee!

Dangerous Air Conditioning Repairs

While your HVAC system may seem simple to you, that doesn’t mean that all repairs are safe for homeowners to complete on their own. In fact, several AC repairs can be extremely dangerous for those who aren’t certified to handle them.

For example, electrical components allow parts of your AC to run. They can short out or be damaged just like any other part, but repairing electrical components needs to be handled carefully. To avoid the risk of electrical fires and shocks, let a professional take care of these tasks.

Another material that must be managed by experts is refrigerant. Refrigerant leaks aren’t super common in San Antonio, but they can happen. A refrigerant leak may appear as pooled liquid underneath your unit, but it can also be recognized by gurgling sounds or whistling from cracks in the tubing. One of the common causes of warm air blowing is the lack of refrigerant after a leak!

WARNING: You may be tempted to repair the leak yourself, but refrigerant is toxic to human exposure. Our Champions bring the proper equipment to make sure the refrigerant remains safe away from skin and lungs.

Your Trusted San Antonio Air Conditioning Service Experts

Our team is dedicated to providing the very best to San Antonio residents. When it comes to the technical know-how of our technicians, you can bet they’re the leading experts in the industry. Our team members are routinely trained and updated on the most efficient repair processes to ensure your home receives the best solutions to your AC problems.

In addition to superior technical skills, we invest a significant amount of time in customer communication skills. This means you can count on a professional, friendly, clear team every step of the way. From our customer service representatives to our installers to our technicians, every Champion will go the extra mile to make your experience superb. We’re here to serve you — that’s the bottom line.

We Answer The Phone 24/7

We also offer 24/7 customer service! When you have an emergency AC repair, the least we can do is answer the phone and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. We don’t let our customers suffer any longer than they have to because that’s how we would want to be treated. Trust us to put your needs first on our priority list!

Call Our Texas AC Specialists For Air Conditioner Repairs

AC repairs used to be stressful and overwhelming but not anymore! Champion Home Services makes air conditioning repairs easy. With a professional team and the best AC services in San Antonio, you’ll be in great hands. All you have to do is call, and we’ll take care of the rest. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment!

A broken air conditioner can quickly become an emergency in San Antonio’s summer heat. Call the team at Champion AC as soon as possible for fast and affordable repairs. When you repair your air conditioner with Champion AC, you can expect 5-star quality service!

AC Repairs For All Makes and Models

At Champion AC, we repair all makes and models of heaters and air conditioners. No matter your problem, our team will arrive on time and equipped to correct it. Have a specific question? Fill out our contact form or give our team a call today to speak with a professional!

We Work On Your Schedule

When your AC needs repairs, you shouldn’t have to put your life on hold. Waiting around on AC technicians can conflict with both your work and life schedules. Our trucks are fully equipped to handle nearly every repair situation for faster service.

Trained AC Professionals

Thanks to years of experience and ongoing education, our team can handle any type of heater or AC repair including custom systems and uncommon brands. To learn more about the air conditioning professionals who are repairing your AC unit, visit our team page today!