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AC Installation San Antonio

Champion AC provides the best air conditioning installations in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. Our experts treat every home and homeowner with custom care. Our technicians will gather detailed information about your house (insulation, windows, square footage, etc.) and determine the optimum air conditioning equipment for your home. In the past, many contractors would install air conditioners that were oversized – thinking it would cool a home down faster. From an engineering standpoint, this is a truly bad idea because, not only will the system be more inefficient, it won’t be able to heat and cool the home to a comfortable or desired temperature.

Choose Champion for AC Installation

When purchasing a new central HVAC system there are a few details that you really want to watch out for. Currently, there are more rebates than ever for upgrading central AC systems, but the system must qualify with the proper SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating. Our comfort advisors and technicians will be able to show you exactly which HVAC systems qualify for rebates and set the custom design for your home. While the brand can alter the price significantly, warranties speak volumes in the HVAC industry.
0% Financing on AC Installation San Antonio

The Champion AC Difference

AC Installation San Antonio

A properly sized HVAC system is essential to lowering utility bills and reducing indoor humidity. Today’s high-efficiency AC systems also have higher SEER ratings and variable speed motors, which require much less energy to run. SEER ratings are an important factor to consider when deciding which air conditioner to install because heating and air conditioning accounts for approximately 60 percent of a typical utility bill. Champion AC can install every brand of air conditioner. Learn more on our AC units page.