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Solar AC Systems

Champion AC offers Lennox solar air conditioning systems that are designed to decrease utility bills with the use of solar panel installations. These solar panels are integrated directly in to the air conditioner. 

SunSource air conditioners are estimated to provide up to 91 percent of annual operation cost savings. Solar energy systems use solar modules to collect the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity that can be used to power the air conditioners and other parts of the home. Excess energy will be returned to utility company.

With up to 56 percent of a typical U.S. home’s energy bill resulting from heating and cooling, Champion AC’s commitment to the use of solar energy has been a top priority for the company. The solar AC systems are environmentally friendly and provide significant reduction of energy costs.

“We are focused on being an energy efficient organization and pride ourselves on providing green solutions for our customers,” said co-owner Tony Martinez. “Solar air conditioners are the wave of the future for the HVAC industry. The ability of the systems to integrate solar power into the utility of the home will be beneficial and impactful for residents across the map.”

The systems Champion AC offers also provide a technological twist with the ability to monitor the performance of the system and view system status and various other environmental benefits. More information and pricing are available by calling 210.699.0022.


Champion AC offers these solar air-conditioning options:

Lennox XC21 Solar-Ready Heating and AC Lennox XC17 Sun Source HVAC Lennox XP21 Solar-Ready Heat Pump Lennox XP17 Sun Source Heat Pump

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