The Champion Way

At Champion Home Services, we protect our customers from overpaying for comfort. We protect from system breakdowns. And we protect our clients against wasted time. We strive to operate our business and serve our clients with the same precision and excellence seen in the US Special Operations community.

Having a growth mindset is key, and we want team members who are always finding ways to improve. Champions add value to those around them and enhance their team. Champions are comfortable in uncomfortable situations and have unparalleled situational awareness. They are stubborn about not giving up easily or quitting on their friends, family, team and community.

A true champion serves their community and gives selflessly when it makes the world a better place. They focus their energy on habits that help achieve their vision and goals.

We believe this world needs people that look after the wellbeing of others. We believe everyone has strengths. And we believe it is our duty to use our gifts and talents to serve others. We are committed to doing our part in building a community of champions and making good things happen.

That’s the Champion Way.

– Ben Hubbert

“Champions don’t show up to get everything they want. They show up to give everything they have.”