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Whole House Surge Protection

San Antonio Surge Protection

It’s not often that we even realize we’ve experienced a power surge in our homes. We go about our daily lives without thinking about it, without ever noticing we actually experience on average about 20 power surges a day, most of which happen internally – or because we’ve incited them. These power surges are not your stereotypical, entire-house-shuts-down type. Rather, they are power fluctuations only noticed by the appliances in your home.

Over time, these power surges ultimately wear away at your electronics and appliances. It’s not uncommon for computerized appliances to be damaged or even destroyed by these surges. Most often, their lifespans are decreased by up to 30%. However, there is a practical solution to maintaining your appliances’ lifespan and protecting the electronics in your home while still being able to use them: home electrical surge protection.

Why Whole House Surge Protection

A whole-house surge protector is the best form of home surge protection. It is designed to protect against costly and destructive transient surges that travel through your electricity supply. Home electrical surge protection blocks and redirects the voltages in order to regulate the voltage amount from your electrical appliances. They are installed at your main electrical panel and electricity source to ensure maximum protection for your entire home. They protect against all of the following:

  • Major appliance disruptions
  • Faulty wiring
  • High voltage demand
  • Lightning

And more.

Not only do these home surge protection systems protect your home from damaging surges and costly repairs, but they can also qualify you for lower insurance rates and ultimately pay for themselves. Because these systems need to be hard-wired to the service panel in order to function properly, you’ll need the assistance from one of Champion Electric’s expert, licensed electricians who can have your entire home electrical surge protection system installed in a matter of just a few hours.

Don’t let power surges get the best of your home’s electrical work and appliances, Contact Champion Electric today to get started with your home electrical surge protection plan.

80% of surges are caused simply by turning appliances on and off, meaning every time you use any electrical appliance, you invite some form of a power surge.