Why Does Your Air Conditioner Freeze?

Why Does Your Air Conditioner Freeze?

A frozen air conditioning unit is one of the most common problems we hear about here at Champion Home Services. It might seem weird that an outdoor unit can freeze in the hot, San Antonio sun, but there are a few simple explanations. Here are a few reasons why your AC might freeze, how to prevent it and how to fix a frozen air conditioner.

Why it freezes

Your AC unit might be freezing due to a lack of airflow around the evaporator coil. When there is little to no airflow to the evaporator coil, condensation on the coil will freeze. As you may know, this will keep your home from being properly air conditioned.

How to prevent AC freezes

The best way to prevent AC freezes is to regularly change out your air filter. Clogged filters can disrupt airflow and cause the unit to freeze. You should also get regular maintenance on your HVAC unit at least twice a year.

How to thaw a frozen air conditioner

When thawing out your AC, make sure your entire system is shut all the way off. You can turn it off at the thermostat or at the breaker. Next, wait for the ice to thaw. Then, switch the fan setting to ON and let it run for about an hour. While you’re waiting for the ice to thaw, check your filters and the coil. You will need to dry off the coil. Finally, you can turn your system back to COOL and your AC should run as normal.

When to call a technician

If you find your AC unit freezing frequently, you should call one of our expert air conditioning technicians to check your unit. There is likely a problem with your refrigerant levels, which can also lead to a higher electricity bill. If you have any other questions about your HVAC system or need an AC repair call, feel free to contact Champion Home Services!