Why Worry About Dust In The House

Most of us slack on cleaning duties every once in a while. Just imagine all the dust that is sitting up in the attic. That dust has the potential to get into your AC system and affect your home’s indoor air quality.

Seal Your Air Ducts

Much of this can be avoided by making sure your air ducts in the attic are properly sealed. This will keep the dust from getting sucked into the air stream. There’s a simple way to check this without going up into the attic. If you notice a film of dust on the ledges or cutouts of your doors, your ducts are not properly sealed.

Change Filters Regularly

Air filters become key in the fight against dust. Not only should you use the air filter with the highest MERV rating you can find, but you also should change these filters out regularly. In the summer, that’s usually once a month. In the winter, you can go up to three months without changing the filter. However, if you notice it’s dirty, you should probably change the filter out more regularly than that.

More Useful Tips

  • Clean the coils and draining pan when you have your heating and air conditioning system serviced.
  • Seal off the supply and return registers and don’t turn your AC or heater on until after you’ve cleaned up all the dust if you’re having construction work done on your home,
  • Clean your home regularly.