One of the benefits of replacing your old AC system with an energy-efficient air conditioner, beyond the savings on your electric bill, is the potential for rebates from CPS Energy!

Our local utility offers rebates on qualifying central AC systems and heat pump systems. The amount of rebate you’ll receive on a replacement system depends on the efficiency of the system you choose. The higher the SEER, or seasonal energy efficiency ratio, the higher the more money you’ll get back.

Rebates Graphic

In addition, CPS Energy offers rebates for air flow performance and attic insulation projects. This is for a very important reason: The attic is oftentimes the biggest energy waster in the house. From air duct leaks to not enough insulation, the attic is typically the culprit if your air conditioning system isn’t keeping you comfortable.

An air duct system replacement is one of the best energy-efficient renovations a homeowner can have performed in his or her home. According to CPS Energy, about 20% of conditioned air that moves through your home’s air ducts is lost due to leaks, tears or improper installation. That’s why CPS Energy offers its biggest rebate for air duct repairs and/or replacements.

Homeowners can receive up to $2,500 per system if a minimum of 50% of the duct work is replaced.

To qualify, three criteria must be met.

  • A pre-test must show at least 25% leakage in the duct system
  • A post-test must show 6% or less leakage in the duct system
  • The testing must be performed by a CPS Energy registered contractor, like Champion AC

CPS Energy also offers a rebate of $0.25 per square foot of attic insulation installed by a qualified contractor, like Champion AC. This insulation can be fiberglass, cellulose, spray foam or another qualifying material. According to CPS Energy, the insulation rebate amount is based on the amount of insulation that is installed over conditioned space in the attic.

Contact the pros at Champion AC if you have any questions about rebates available for homeowners. Our technicians and comfort advisors are experts at finding the right system for your needs.