5 Signs Your Air Ducts Need Repair

Here in San Antonio, we’re pretty attuned to our AC systems. At the slightest hint our sources of frosty cool air might have a problem, we know to call for help from the professionals. But many issues with your HVAC system aren’t even caused by your AC unit! Your air ducts are a delicate and important part of the air circulation system, and they can require repairs too.

Luckily, Champion Home Services has an expert team to handle your air duct repairs. Whether you have low AC efficiency or ductwork leaks, the best San Antonio air duct repair specialists can tell you the common symptoms of undetected air duct repairs!

Low Airflow

An abnormal reduction in the airflow entering your home is definitely not normal. Your vents should be able to transport consistent airflow through the home and out of the vents. Some problems that might be occurring in your air ducts to cause low airflow are foreign objects or duct collapses. Your air ducts aren’t 100% sealed, which means that critters can enter them and pass away. Depending on the critter, your air duct might become blocked by the body and need to be cleared. After other work on your home, materials like insulation can also come loose and block the airflow of your vent.

Increased Energy Bill

Air duct leaks can cause up to 40% air loss in your ducts. It seems crazy that tiny holes let so much air escape, but you might start to see that change in your energy bill at the end of the month. The more air that leaks, the harder your AC works to replace the missing conditioned air. Review your energy usage every month and try to measure how closely it matches your AC usage. Abnormal spikes in the energy consumption can point to a needed air duct repair.

Strange Noises

A lot of air passes through your air ducts every single day. If the duct does have some blockage or leak, you might be notified by some odd sounds. When air moves quickly around an abnormality, it doesn’t produce the familiar whoosh that we’re used to. Tiny leaks might cause some hissing or whistling, though it will be difficult to identify. If you hear other strange wind sounds, it could be air moving around a larger object. You might even hear the sound of the foreign object rubbing against the air duct!

No Temperature Control

Your AC can be doing the best job chilling or heating your air, but there’s a lot of ductwork it has to travel through before it reaches your home. Along the way, air duct repairs can cause your conditioned air to lose its desired temperature. If you notice that your air won’t cool or heat as much as you’d like, that temperature might be lost in the leaks in your air ducts. 

Poor Indoor Air Quality

In addition to traveling through the air ducts, your conditioned air passes through a filter to remove air contaminants. If your air ducts have leaks or damage, the filtered air is invaded with outside particles again before reaching your living spaces. This means that dust, dirt and other particles in your attic or outside will increase in your air. If you’ve noticed more allergy symptoms or the accumulation of dust around your vents, your indoor air quality has probably dipped. 

Need Expert Air Duct Repair?

Don’t waste time working with unreliable HVAC contractors. Champion Home Services offers the best service at the highest standards to give you the quickest and most effective solution to your air duct problems. If you suspect your air ducts need repairs, contact our friendly customer representatives today!