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How Do Air Ducts Get Damaged?

The duct network in your home that is responsible for bringing you fresh conditioned air is usually out of sight and mind. Resting up in our attics, they seem to be safe and untouched. Unfortunately, air ducts can get damaged quite easily, and undetected air duct air leaks can affect your HVAC efficiency.

Champion AC offers the most thorough and affordable San Antonio ductwork repair services. Locating damage and sealing air leaks is our specialty, and you can trust that we’ll get the job done right! That includes informing our valued customers about how their air ducts are getting damaged in the first place.

Are Air Ducts Easily Damaged?

The ease of damage on air ducts depends on what kind of material they are made of. If your ducts are metal or duct board, they are designed to be more rigid. It may take more impact to actually puncture or damage the material. This doesn’t mean that seal leaks can’t happen, especially on corners or areas where the ducts attach to other materials. If you have flex duct, you have a higher risk of damage. Flex duct is designed to reflect its name: be flexible. This means they are also really delicate. Even the slightest sharp edge can tear the material.

Threats To Your Air Ducts


One of the ways air ducts become damaged is by people. Whether the homeowners make a mistake while in their attic or basement, installers are reckless during installation or repairmen aren’t cautious enough, people can cause damage to your ducts. 


All kinds of critters enjoy making your home their home, but their presence can mean a huge problem for your air ducts. Animals and insects can easily damage your air ducts, causing leaks and other problems. They can also die in your ducts, leaving you an undesirable mess to clean up — and that’s only once you notice there’s a carcass! 


Naturally, if your ducts are hit or impacted with any equipment or building materials, there’s a high chance they will dent or be punctured. Other physical damage can occur from the air ducts’ surroundings. Wherever your ducts are exposed, even within the attic or basement, they are vulnerable to damage. Repeated exposure to even the smallest impacts can lead to holes, leaks and dents. 

Other Issues

Other than the direct physical threat of damage, your air ducts can also incur damage in other ways. The passage of air through the ducts makes them a prime spot for mold and mildew growth. While mold doesn’t often damage the duct material, it poses a huge threat to the rest of the home. Plus, some mold invasions grow so intense that your air ducts have to be replaced altogether.

Other issues with your air ducts might crop up over time as the system ages. Ducts aren’t designed to last forever, so eventually, they will form more holes and leaks as well as weaken in structural integrity. 

Count On Your Champions

No matter what the cause of your air duct problem is, our team will locate the source and provide an effective solution. We care about our San Antonio community, and that means going above and beyond for your health and your home’s efficiency. We’re here to provide you with things you should know about your air ducts and help you identify the signs of needed repair! Contact us today to learn more about our air duct services!