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Why Are There Hot Spots and Cold Spots In Your Home?

As a homeowner, you want every room in your home to be consistently comfortable. You don’t want one room warmer than the others or one room colder than all the rest. These are known as hot spots or cold spots in your house – and they can be some of the most frustrating situations for a homeowner to deal with.

Faulty Air Ducts

More often than not, the solution to these hot spots or cold spots is out of sight and out of mind in the attic – your air ducts. There’s a common saying in the HVAC world: If the indoor air handler is the heart of your home’s air system, the air ducts are the arteries, delivering conditioned air to the rooms in your house. If your air ducts have leaks, tears, poor connections or were simply designed poorly from the get-go, this can result in problems throughout the home, including hot spots and cold spots. Faulty air ducts can result in up to 40% of the conditioned air never making it to the desired rooms. In other words, your system is cooling your attic – not your house. Air duct issues can also cause your electric bill to skyrocket (since the AC or heater is having to work harder to keep your home comfortable) and decrease the quality of the air your family is breathing (a tiny tear can let in all sorts of allergens from the attic to the rooms in your home).

Contact Champion AC

If you have rooms in your house that are hotter or colder than the other rooms, it’s best to contact a trusted air conditioning company like Champion AC to perform an air duct evaluation. We will find the air duct repair needed to fix hot and cold spots. If you have leaks, tears or poor connections, sealing your air ducts with Aeroseal will likely be the recommended air duct repair, allowing the heated or cooled air to get to the rooms it’s supposed to be in – without letting that conditioned air escape in the attic – which should result in a lower electric bill. A proper seal on your air ducts should also result in better air quality, preventing dust and other allergens in the attic from being distributed through the ducts to your home.

You Might Need Air Duct Replacement

Sometimes the problem isn’t with the sealing of your ducts. Instead, the ducts were not designed for proper air flow when the home was built. This can also result in problems like hot spots, cold spots and increased electric bills. Investing in air duct replacement can improve the efficiency of your HVAC system by up to 50% by properly delivering the conditioned air where you want it to be. At Champion AC, we’re experts in air duct replacement – from the design to installation, suspension and sealing. An air duct replacement is also the perfect time to consider other investments in your attic, like an air filtration system and UV lights for the ultimate in indoor air quality or attic insulation.

No one wants some rooms in their home to be more comfortable than others. Champion AC can fix this problem in your home with an air duct repair call or an air duct replacement. That way, every room will be the temperature you want it, the indoor air quality will increase and your electric bills won’t be as high. It’s a win-win-win for you and your family.