Ductless AC San Antonio

Is Ductless AC Right For My Home?

As the summer months fade away, we all know warm weather isn’t going anywhere. Living in Texas, we’re used to running the air conditioning year round. We’re always thankful for our air conditioning units, but which unit is best suited for you and your home? Should you consider using a ductless AC system?

Advantages of Ductless AC

The main advantage of installing and using a ductless AC system is the efficiency of it. It allows you to directly cool down (or heat up) a specific room, whereas a typical air conditioning system might take a while to effect the exact room your targeting. The ductless AC unit is easier to use and have installed, and it is convenient for those hard to reach places: the garage and additions, to name a few. It is also better suited to old buildings or buildings that have thick walls, since the unit can simply be hung on the wall rather than tunneled through the entire structure.

People have also been known to use a ductless ACs for extra cooling rather than the sole cooling of their home, because of its quick and easy features.


Alongside many advantages, stand a few disadvantages. It is difficult to find companies qualified to properly install these systems. (Champion AC is an expert in ductless AC work.) Additionally, some homeowners aren’t fans of the way ductless AC units look.

It is up to you to decide with which systems are your specific needs met. And when you have done your research and decide on your favorite system, Champion AC is the company to call for your installation and setup!


Ben Hubbert is a retired Combat Controller with the United States Air Force. He started Champion AC in 2007. Ben is originally from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. He is happily married and an avid fan of the San Antonio Spurs and New Orleans Saints.