Heater Tune Up

Here in San Antonio, we know a thing or two about heat, both natural and generated. While central Texans have a few months before even having to think about switching our thermostats from COOL to HEAT, the same can’t be said for the fine folks of Fresno, California, where our friends at Lee’s Air provide HVAC services that the team at Champion AC can totally get behind.


If the temperature where you live has you even thinking about busting out your favorite scarves and sweaters, it’s time to schedule your fall HVAC tune-up. Why fall? It’s the perfect time to catch and repair any heater problems before winter and the cold weather arrives.


From thermostat malfunctions to air flow issues, Champion AC has you covered for all heater repair and, if necessary, heater replacement. So, what can you do to prevent a potentially costly heating repair? Start with your fall tune-up. For a low price, a friendly, trained and certified technician will clean and inspect your heater for anything that could put your home comfort on ice. After your tune-up, our technicians can implement or schedule any small heating repairs, if needed. The key is catching and making small fixes before they snowball into problems needing major repairs or a total heater replacement.


After your tune-up, you can still do your own part to keep your heater working safely and efficiently all winter long. As always, and if we don’t say it enough, make sure to check and replace your air filters each month. Clogged filters can lead to burned motors and heating replacements. Try syncing your air filter replacement schedule with another monthly task like paying bills or feeding your pet their heartworm preventative.


Another way you can lend your heater a helping hand is with proper thermostat management. This task is especially easy when you properly utilize your programmable thermostat. (Check out the Nest Learning Thermostats that Champion AC now offers to all homeowners!)  First, know that jacking your thermostat setting up to 85+ won’t heat your home any faster than setting it to a reasonable 70 degrees. It will only put unnecessary stress on your heater, shortening its factory-promised long life. As an easy rule of thumb, program your thermostat for a comfortable 70 degrees for the times when you wake up and return home. When you’re asleep or at work, remember to drop the temperature about eight degrees. This will give your heater a breather and give you an opportunity to wear those ultra-comfy pajama pants. Two birds, one stone.


If it’s almost time to feel the cool breezes of fall, like the happy Lee’s Air customers in Fresno, remember to ensure that your heater is ready for the coming winter. When that time comes to San Antonio and central Texas, give us a call at Champion AC for the best in AC tune-ups, heater repairs and heater replacement.


Ben Hubbert is a retired Combat Controller with the United States Air Force. He started Champion AC in 2007. Ben is originally from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. He is happily married and an avid fan of the San Antonio Spurs and New Orleans Saints.