Note: this is a detail you must discuss with your builder before breaking ground on your new home. You have several options when it comes to the foundation, so you need to know the pros and cons of each one from an energy efficiency point of view.

All in all, a solid foundation is important on a number of different levels. While this is something to keep in mind as far as the energy efficiency of your home is concerned, it is extremely important in terms of the overall structure. A foundation that is not built to stand up to the test of time will eventually bring many issues to the home.

A home’s foundation must be able to control the flow of air, while also keeping moisture on the outside. The good thing is this: any type of foundation, from a crawl space to a slab, can be constructed in an energy efficiency manner. Is one option better than another? This all depends on who you speak with, as well as where you live and what you are trying to accomplish. With that being said, you should realize that any type of foundation can prove to offer just what you are looking for as far as energy efficiency is concerned.

If you want a basement you are going to deal with cold air and moisture for the rest of your life. Have you heard this myth before? Well qualified, experienced home builders realize that this is not the case. However, some people continually believe myths like this to be true.

The type of foundation is not what you need to be thinking about. Instead, you should focus on the builder and their experience in constructing the proper type of foundation that is sure to bring an added layer of energy efficiency to the home.

Simply put, a solid foundation, one that is built appropriately, is going to be more energy efficiency than one that is not. This is a detail to discuss with your builder upfront, ensuring that your foundation is solid from day one.

Ben Hubbert

Ben Hubbert

Ben is a retired Combat Controller with the United States Air Force. He started Champion AC in 2007. Ben is originally from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. He is happily married and an avid fan of the San Antonio Spurs and New Orleans Saints.

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